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Tandem Starting Pitchers Determined

Pitching Coach Doug White kindly let me know about the pairs for the next week of games.

Reynier Gonzalez followed by Andy Moss (Tue. June 23 @ Kingsport)

Pablo Ortiz followed by Jesse Simpson (Wed. June 24 @ Kingsport)

Chris Notti followed by Justin Smith (Thu. June 25 @ Kingsport)

LHP Anthony Ferrara followed by Michael Thomspon (Fri. June 26 vs. Burlington)

Randy Santos followed by LHP John Durham (Sat. June 27 vs. Burlington)

Johnson City “Meet the Cardinals” Roster

Current total of 31.  Allowed 35.

Catchers (3):

Travis Tartamella, Robert Stock, Audrey Perez

Infielders (7):

Matt Adams, Yunier Castillo, Luis Mateo, Ted Obregon, Rich Racobaldo, Matt Rigoli, Romulo Ruiz

Outfielders (5):

CJ Beatty, Edgar Lara, Rainel Rosario, Ross Smith, Michael Swinson

Pitchers (16):

John Durham, Anthony Ferrara, Reynier Gonzalez, Kyle Heim, Dave Kington, Travis Lawler, Andy Moss, Chris Notti, Jason Novak, Pablo Ortiz, Jose Rada, Randy Santos, Jesse Simpson, Justin Smith, Aaron Terry, Michael Thompson